Luxury Dubai Wedding Dress

The wedding day is every woman’s most special day. Everything from the ring, celebrations, friends and family gracing the occasion, and especially the gown, make wonderful memories. Everybody remembers the bride by what they were wearing. This is why shoddy just doesn’t make it when it comes to wedding dresses! ‘You shall only wear the finest wedding gown you can afford’ is the unwritten rule of dressing for the bride. Well, Dubai does not disappoint in this area, and has wedding boutiques in every corner, selling designer and custom wedding dresses at great prices.

Shopping for a wedding dress in Dubai is quite simple. You only need to identify the design you want for your dress or gown, and then begin your search for it. Wedding shops and boutiques are plentiful in this city, with most located inside malls. Walk into the largest Dubai malls –The Dubai Mall, Deira City Center, Mall of the Emirates, Wafi Mall, Jumeirah Business Center, Jumeirah Plaza, Jumeirah Towers – and you’ll be spoilt for choice as the variety displayed here is wide and varied. But great wedding dresses aren’t just found in shops within the big malls only. To ensure that you do not miss out on other great dresses, be sure to pop into the smaller bridal shops. Some are located inside the malls and others exist independently.

Prices vary by design and fabric, but the range is wide enough to cater to most budgets. When buying, enquire about alterations and whether the shop has a provision for this. It’s not unusual to find a dress you really like but it would only fit you with a few alterations here and there. Or it could be that the person you’re buying the dress for isn’t with you to do a fitting. Understand the shop’s policy on exchanging one design for another or making changes to gowns once bought before making a commitment to buy. On the whole though, most shop owners and attendants are pleasant and will make a good arrangement for you.

Among places you can buy a wedding dress in Dubai is The Wedding Shop and The Bridal Room both in Jumeirah Plaza, Demetrios in Dubai Shopping Center, Bridal Showroom whose outlets are in Dubai Mall and Jumeirah Lake Towers, Contessa in Jumierah Lake Towers, Bridal Boudoir in The Palm, Frost in Palm Strip Mall, The Bride in Wafi Mall,Esposa on Wasl Road, and Vanilla Studio in Jumeirah Lake Towers. This is just a small sampling of bridal shops. There are many more. All offer a combination of Western, Asian-inspired, Indian-inspired and Arab-inspired dresses in different designs and colors. For a truly unique dress, consider having yours custom made. It might cost you a little more, but the uniqueness of the dress is worth it. Plus it will be in the perfect size for you. Abela’s Bridal Boutique is one of the places you can have your dress custom made in weeks.

Make your wedding special with a lovely wedding dress from any of the bridal shops in Dubai. They have a broad variety of wedding dress styles, designs, and colors to meet diverse preferences.

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