Top Dubai Shopping Malls

Dubai is a dynamic city that offers various attractions and these features are obvious from the huge number of tourists Dubai reports each year. From its spectacular night life to the ultimate shopping experience Dubai is regarded as the best place to shop for its duty free offerings. The city is known for its magnificent range of international retailers and brands and the lavishing malls are considered to be the home for them. The architectural beauty has been the initial factor for these best shopping malls in Dubai among the world.

Dubai owns some of the most spectacular malls in the world that not only presents the high quality products but also is a complete package for a family day out. From high fashionable brands to multiplex cinemas these top shopping malls provides a complete entertainment package.

Among these reputed malls, Mall of Emirates is considered to be the primary destination of every tourist visiting Dubai. The mall almost carries the whole world in it, apart from the shopping stores there is an extraordinary theme park named magic planet to provide ultimate fun to kids, the mall also owns ski Dubai that is known for its indoor ski slope that has created wonder when you think of snow in the middle of desert. Multiplex cinemas and a magnificent hotel are also its attractive features.

The Dubai Mall, one of the biggest shopping centre of Dubai, and the Middle-East. It offers world class brands like Christian Dior, Hublot, Rolex, Chopard, Chanel, Swarovski, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Fendi, Escada, Baldi, Zara Home, WestELM, Laura Ashley and more.

Burjuman Centre is another top shopping mall in Dubai that is known for its huge collection of luxurious brands from the word. The mall is quite popular among the people who have passion for trendy clothes and accessories. The huge mall is divided into two main categories of old and new. The open courtyards and parking ease has made it quite favorable for the visitors.

Deira City Centre is favored for its outstanding location near the water as a top shopping malls. The mall is a home to over 350 stores and high profile cuisines. The customer service is the main concern of the staff at mall that leads to its repute as Top Shopping Malls.

Jumeirah Plaza is also regarded as a popular shopping destination in Dubai for its convenient location near the major hotels in Dubai. The mall hosts various entertainment activities throughout the year to maintain the plaza reputation as the absolute experience worth to visit. Al Ghurair Centre in Dubai needs no introduction for its high quality brands and the local fashion being promoted here. One name a brand and it will appear here. Inspired by the exploration of Ibn Battuta, the Ibn Battuta Mall is considered to be a famous shopping malls in the UAE. The themed mall is famous for its architectural expertise and spectacular exhibitions.

Wafi Shopping Mall, The Dubai Mall, Festival City Centre and hence there are countless top shopping malls in Dubai that provides breathtaking ambiance and the luxurious facilities that make each mall a place worth visiting. Not only the shopping experience but these malls guarantees to provide the quality time that one could expect from a to shopping mall in the world. From high tech games to the wide courtyards, each mall possesses a unique feature that leads to its attraction.

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