Luxury Abu Dhabi Travel

If you have ever visited Abu Dhabi and you announced that to your friends it is most certain that you got a question back, such as ; Abu Dhabi? Isn’t that a country in the Gulf?”  The interesting part about Abu Dhabi is that most people consider it to be a country, rather than the capital of the Emirates, and one of the Seven Emirates that compound the United Arab Emirates. Of course this is a funny fact that has little importance when you are there indeed, but reflects in a bizarre way the importance and reputation of Abu Dhabi, which is known as one of the most luxurious travel destinations in the Middle East.

abudhabiluxuryThis is of course not accidental, since Abu Dhabi is one of the richest cities in the world, or maybe the richest one.  What you can find in Abu Dhabi is a bustling business world, amazing golf centers and an array of luxurious hotels offering state of art services and amenities that most of the resorts in other places of the Earth cannot even imagine. Of course for those who wish to spend their money in Abu Dhabi there are malls and shopping venues that can satisfy even the most demanding shopper, as all the major fashion brand names exist here. It is very common to see many Europeans shopping here rather than in their hometowns, just because the fashion companies bring huge selection of clothes both for everyday and eccentric appearances.

Luxury travel without golfing in Abu Dhabi is like staying in a resort without a pool. There are three different courses in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Golf which organizes a standard championship every year, the Al Ghazal Sand Course and the Abu Dhabi Golf and Equestrian City course, all of them located very close to the beach hotels, in a short distance by car from the city centre.

The Abu Dhabi Golf features an 18hole course, with lakes, among which the central lake is the one that is mostly renowned due to the obstacles it brings to the golfers. The Al Ghazal is a challenging course and is very popular among the savvy and experienced golfers because it is sandy and increases the standards and level of game high. The Golf and Equestrian club in located at the heart of the city and is ideal for those who wish to unwind practicing their favorite game.

Since many of the top names of golfing and other avid golfers come to Abu Dhabi to play and spend quality vacations there are numerous beach hotels that offer luxurious travel packages, that combine stay and golf playing. In most cases the resorts are not more than 10 minutes far from the golf courses, and most of them offer amazing recreational and spa facilities, combined with spectacular apres-golf activities.

The Hiltonia Beach Club is one of the most popular hotels and complexes in Abu Dhabi, offering the most impressive selection if swimming pools and a great choice of dining outlets. The Beach Rotana and Towers is also located close to the city, but ensures a private access to the beach, while the Meridien is always a classic and one of the most popular choices among the mature travelers, because of the amazing dining options and the wonderful private beach.

Even if you come to Abu Dhabi to stay for a short time, aiming just to relax and enjoy your time, the luxurious travel deals of the hotels that include all amenities and a number of activities and sightseeing ensure something more than just a memorable stay.

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