Dubai Luxury Travel

Dubai is considered to be one of the most popular destinations for tourists and travelers who wish to get to know a country of the Middle East, mostly due to the high standards of services and the luxurious packages that resorts and agencies promise. In fact Dubai is regarded as a super luxurious tourist destination and proves to be more than it promises.

Being the second largest of the emirates, after Abu Dhabi, Dubai welcomes thousands of visitors every year from every corner of the world, who come to admire the numerous natural attractions, but mostly to indulge to the Middle Eastern charm and beauty. The accommodation options in Dubai are endless, and there is practically a hotel for each test and pocket, depending on how someone wants to spend his holidays and leisure time.

Luxury Dubai TravelQuality services and first class facilities are the main keywords of the Dubai accommodations. Most Dubai hotels are luxurious establishments and resorts offering an array of impressive facilities and well appointed amenities and conveniences that can satisfy even the most demanding visitor. If you consider how many oil businessmen and giants of the international economy , or celebrities spend time and holidays in Dubai, you will understand why it is regarded among the most luxurious destinations in the World.

If looking for a memorable time in Dubai, then you should consider a stay in the Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa, which is located at the shore of the Jumeirah Beach, the most famous and popular beach of the emirates. This is the place where luxury and elegance, combined with Middle Eastern tradition and the beauty of natural ambience meet. Beautifully decorated rooms and a wide variety of amenities and facilities for recreational and business purposes wait for the guests.

Le Meridien Dubai and the Metropolitan Deira hotel , or the Oasis Beach Hotel are among the choices of those who want to have a luxurious time in Dubai, since they are very stylish, modern and posh outlets, while the luxurious amenities ensure a very pleasant stay. Dubai offers numerous luxurious choices to the corporate travelers as well, with the Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, Al Hamra Fort Hotel & Beach Resort being the ideal choices for those who want to combine style and practicality when visiting Dubai for business.

Shopping malls and bustling nightlife clubs for all budgets expect the tourists in Dubai. Whether you are looking for luxurious shopping , including jewelry , mostly gold and white gold for which the Emirates are renowned, or some more simple and budget solutions, Dubai has it all. The same rule applies to the restaurants and clubs ; most of them are very elegant and posh outlets, offering state of art service and catering international cuisine, however there are simple dining options as well.

Dubai is a famous destination for Golfers from all over the world. There are particular luxurious vacation packages that include golf and stay in one of the numerous resorts of Dubai, offering a memorable time and a very well organized plan to those who wish to relax and unwind by playing golf. The Dubai Open is considered to be a main attraction anyway.

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