Ultimo Lingerie

Lingerie pieces nowadays are not just manufactured or created by a single designer. There have been lots of emerging designers and brands at present times that have been creating lingerie pieces which have and will truly satisfy the needs of the most meticulous of buyers.

The designer brand is helpful, too, in terms of knowing the design and quality of a lingerie. Most of the people today, choose to buy lingerie pieces which come from their favorite designer brand. Brands have been useful because it gives an assurance to someone that they can find the best lingerie for them and also it lessens the time searching for good lingerie that fits you.

Ultimo is one of the many designer lingerie brand options today that have been known as one of the UK’s most successful lingerie brands. It is a Scottish designer brand founded by Michelle Mone. Her designs are reportedly based on her experience wearing uncomfortable lingerie. She was reportedly wearing uncomfortable pieces when she attended a dinner dance. From that experience, she decided to create lingerie which was more comfortable, better looking and created more cleavage. And now, it’s not only successful in UK but also in the other parts of the world.

Ultimo designs are known for its simplicity, but they were able to meet sophistication from simplicity. They offer many optiosn for you to choose the best quality and design for lingerie pieces. They have two major collections namely the Ultimo Fashion Collection and the Ultimo Miracle Collection. The first comprises a collection with pieces each having a unique style. The latter includes the versatile Backless Body & Frontless Backless Body which support and enhances your figure and inspires you with confidence to wear clothes you yourself may not have thought you’d wear. Millions of ladies in the world choose Ultimo designs, even celebrities love it. Sarah Harding is one of the celebrities who endorsed the newest collection this year.

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