Sexy Thongs are Popular

If you want your buttocks to be seen by everyone you would definitely choose to wear a pair of thongs that, though they cover the front like normal panties, will leave most of the back exposed and are often found as bikini or strings that span the hips with just a thin strip between the buttocks. Thongs are also referred to as T-backs to describe the shape that they come in the back.

thong.jpgWearing thongs means being more comfortable and those that are made out of silk are often more comfortable than those made from cotton. The main things that govern whether thongs are comfortable or not is the shape at the hips as well as the thong’s design. But, thongs continue to be popular in spite of the fact that not everybody that wears them finds them to be comfortable. Of course, the body shape should be such as to promote comfort.

Thongs sales continue to spiral and are a lot better than those of panties, or normal underwear. Thongs can even suit women with extra large hips and there are literally thousands of designs to choose from, and they are also not very expensive to buy. A reason for buying thongs could also be because they do not cause panty lines, which is the case with wearing panties.

There is little doubt that now many women are wearing thongs, which seems to have become an item of underwear for everyday usage. There are supposedly more than twenty million thong sales made by Victoria’s Secret. Maybe the influx of models from Brazil has something to do with this popularity since there are many music videos coming out that show beautiful women walking the beaches wearing thongs.

In fact, there are many famous Hollywood celebrities that prefer to wear thongs and they are very conscious about which brand is the best. Famous actresses such as Renee Zellweger as well as Demi Moore are among the many women that wear thongs.

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