Lingerie – Inside or outside?

The realm of lingerie is changing fast, and what was once obviously to be worn beneath the dress is now being changed with people opting to wear them as individual items of attire. Somewhere the line has blurred between what is to be worn beneath the dress and what is an item of normal attire. Perhaps you would need to check with a retailer or even a designer to really be truly informed about this topic.

These intimate items are something that every woman covets even though she may be valuing other aspects such as comfort even more. You can safely assume that given a choice between intimacy and comfort, most women would choose the latter. After all, it is something that they have to wear for prolonged periods of time, and if they do not feel comfortable they certainly won’t be feeling intimate, and you can bet on that.

There is also a growing trend which is somehow making the difference between lingerie and normal attire begin to be less pronounced which will no doubt change the way that women dress in the times to come. In fact, those that are designing women’s attire are steadily progressing into also designing their creations keeping lingerie at the back of their minds and thus incorporating ideas from this space into their fashion wears.

There is also the chemise that is a cocktail dress as well as a camisole and bottom which may be worn to stroll on the beach, or for wearing while having a get together with close friends. This has made possible wearing some lingerie items on the outside instead of beneath the dress. And, this will naturally lead intimate lingerie items to dovetail with the fashions available in normal as well as fashionable attire as witnessed in the popularity of low hip hugging jeans which has led many women into wearing low slung thongs as well as panties.

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