Lingerie: Corsets to cami-knickers to teddies

Corsets have been worn by women from very long ago and its main purpose was to make the waist as tiny as possible. Early examples of corsets have been found which date back to about 1600 B.C., though they only became fashionable and more widely used around the middle of the seventeenth century, and in the twentieth century, became a rage. However, after 1920 the rage petered out and the corset had to give way to newer inventions.

The cami-knickers which was to precede the teddy of modern times as well as the bras took over from the corset, which today comes replete with stays, busks that open to the front as well as laces and these were derived from corsets of the early and middle eighteenth century.

When the corset was a rage and worn by all and sundry, there were many specialized forms in which it was available. You could choose from corsets for tennis, corsets for swimming, corsets for the hips, corsets that were bust inflatable as well as many more versions of the corset.

The effect of wearing a corset was twofold in that it certainly enhanced the figure of the wearer, and it also improved on her character. The waist was constricted while the bosoms were raised and the stomach appeared flattened while the hips were to look much more round and the back straight.

The wearing of a corset also inhibited the wearer from becoming wild in her behavior and demeanor, and did not also encourage tomboyishness in the behavior of the wearer. This put into the head and mind of the wearer a sense of proper and submissive attitude for which the Victorian era woman was well known for.

With present day corsets being customized to suit individual preferences, women are often seen at the lingerie stores getting them measured to be able to get the corset that perfectly fits with their figure.

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