Lingerie and nylon stockings

stockingThe day October 27, 1938 is a special one in the life of every woman as it was on this day that nylon was invented by E.I. du Pont de Neumours, Inc. Beautiful nylon stockings came to be symbolic of pretty legs that were photographed and splashed across cover magazines as well as calendars extolling the seductiveness of stockinged legs. The texture has changed since nylon stockings came into being, and the touch comforts the wearer and also contributes to creating more confidence in the woman, but the visual impact is just as appealing as it was in the early days.

Nowadays it is common to see pictures of women clad in nylon stockings and many a bedroom will have these pictures as posters as they can be because of fetish orientation. Fetish is a genetic trait and many people get aroused when they see women dressed in beautiful nylon stockings also worn with fanciful shoes.

The Internet has brought pictures of nylon stockinged women onto the screens of many computers, and is the reason why many people including those involved in soft pornography are earning big bucks from it. Somehow, a woman dressed in nylon stockings helps to evoke visual satisfaction in males, and this has been capitalized upon by many enterprising people. 

The simple invention of nylon stockings has mushroomed into becoming a big market for those who cater to the fetishes of others that find nylon stockinged legs especially erotic, and keep demanding more pictures of the same. It may be because women that dress semi-nude have greater appeal than those that are completely unclad, but it is certainly a complex thing for which much research is ongoing to understand the reason behind such fetishes.

Some males even find storing a pair of nylon stockings to be exciting. With fishnet as well as other black lacy nylon stockings to choose from, women indeed look especially attractive when they adorn their legs with stockings are they nylon ones or lace or other material.

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