Lingerie – fashion with functionality

Modern day lingerie has undergone quite a change and fashion designers are having a field day coming up with new and more fashionable pieces of lingerie that are not only style statements, but also quite functional as well. Attitudes as well as individual usage of lingerie has also seen enough change to warrant some fashion houses to conduct studies about the various attitudes of women that influence them when they shop for lingerie.

Knowing what the customer wants is certainly half the battle won as too is gaining insights about what their own lingerie products may be missing that causes women to switch off from their product. A growing number of women are in need of supportive bras and in addition may also be desirous of buying more variety as well as better styles of lingerie. Once fashion designers get the idea about how best to cater to these requirements, you will be sure to see more variety in an already expansive lingerie market.

Colors in lingerie that ignite a spark in a woman when combined with appealing styles will help reach more women, and when they also include lace as well as embroidery, there is sure to be a melt down in a woman’s heart when she is buying lingerie. When she finds matching bras and panties as well as hosiery, it will cause her to buy in pairs rather than single items.

Companies such as Just My Size are coming out with their lingerie collection that is replete with bras known as Just Gorgeous that are a fashionable and has full functionality as well, and are ideally suited to women that have wholesome figures.

Such a collection typifies the new trends in lingerie that have come to embody more than simply looking ravishing in lingerie, but also realizing that women wear their lingerie for extended periods, and therefore the lingerie should address this aspect as is seen in the added functionality incorporated into the design of lingerie products from Just My Size.

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