Jeweled Lace

Clothing is big business these days as more and more women are “rewarding” themselves with clothing such as lingerie which makes them feel more confident about themselves and increases their self esteem. It is amazing that there are so many styles that are available through online retailers and come in all shapes and styles from the traditional to more avant garde designs that include rhinestones, lace, and even diamonds. Companies like Victoria’s Secret have released lingerie that has been enhanced with the use of diamonds. Although these diamond-clad designs are not for every woman, the combination of lingerie and diamonds is a popular idea. Women often use diamonds as an accessory and love the way they look in rings, earrings, and necklaces, so lingerie was most certainly a good vehicle for the diamond.

The release and display of such garments have been in the media for some time now and diamond lingerie is a wonderful way to display high quality diamonds at fashion shows and in extravagant ad campaigns. Even if the designs themselves are not necessarily practical, it is wonderful to see the bejeweled undergarments and the amazing price tags they have. It is a creative way for companies to market their wares to the mainstream as diamonds have and will always capture the attention of the public for their amazing beauty and mystique. Hopefully we will see more clothing designers, both lingerie and casual, use more diamonds in their fabulous designs.

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