How to take good care of lingerie

Many people may not know what the term lingerie refers to and what its origins are. It is a term used in the French language to describe undergarments worn by women and is mostly erotic when worn in Western countries. Shops and companies that sell lingerie have vast catalogs as well as many retail outlets that even include leather undergarments in their lingerie collections. 

Lingerie can be made of soft materials that feel nice to touch and wear and the ones that are made from silk and satin are especially nice to feel as well as wear. They do require a great deal of care as the fabric is delicate and may require use of a lingerie hanger for hanging in a clothes closet. 

The difference between an ordinary clothes hanger and a lingerie hanger is that lingerie hangers are padded to prevent the wire on the hanger from wrinkling, stretching or poking the underwear. One will also find that the hook of a lingerie hanger is padded as well; though less than the other padding on the rest of the hanger.

Keeping good care of the lingerie is easy with a lingerie hanger which takes good care of the underwear and keeps them in mint condition while also preserving the looks as well as feel of the underwear. The ordinary clothes hanger can cause a weakening in the fabric and wired ones are prone to rust – so it is best to use a lingerie hanger instead. 

For those that prefer to place their lingerie in dresser drawers, the need to buy lingerie hangers may not arise at all. Even so, there is no getting around the fact that whatever means you use to store your lingerie, ample care need to be taken to protect the delicate fabric from which lingerie is made.

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