How do you Tell if a Corset is Real or Fake?

If you are one of those women who are passionate about dressing in hour-glass form, then the corset is just for you. Once you decide to buy a corset, you need to know the basics of how to look for something that fits you well.

One word of caution – you need to be aware that there are several places where they sell fake corsets. Beware of fake corsets that come with plastic boning. Corsets with plastic boning do not last long. Unlike steel boning, plastic boning also tends to adapt to your body shape. Because of the body heat, the plastic gets soft and loses its original form, turning kinky and knotty, spoiling your corset.

A true corset will have steel boning embedded in it. The steel boning is made in two different forms – Spring steel or the Flat steel, and the Spiral steel. The spring or flat steel often comes in plastic coated style, in quarter of an inch or half an inch width.

The spiral steel boning looks curly with tiny twirled links. Compared to the spring or flat boning, the spiral boning is more flexible. This boning is used along the bust seams and other parts of the corset that can bend. This flexibility helps tighten and narrow down your waist, giving you a smooth fine figure. The steel being a tempered material, when you take off your corset, the boning will regain its original shape.

Corsets with steel boning can cinch your body as much as two to six inches without causing tearing or visible strain. If you are serious about your corset get one that is custom-sized to your body.

Now you know something about corsets. Just be sure that you are not cheated with fake corsets.

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