Corstes & Bustires

Sexy CorsetFor that extra sexiness, and to leave your partner in a little suspense – try going for sexy Bustiers and Corsets. It is sure to accomplish the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. Bustiers and Corsets have found their way into many bedrooms around the world, and yet there have been no regrets – only the accumulation of more sexy lingerie.

Bustiers are gorgeous figure-hugging outfits that accentuate the contours of your body. The bustier is a well-decorated bra that fits all the way down to the torso area. These are great support to the breasts, at the same time shaping the waist area.

They are normally worn with garters and stockings to complete the look. It will be your choice to whether or not you would want to include gloves and stilettos in your scene. Bustiers come in various styles and colors, including camisettes, brasselettes and bustier tops.

Bustiers, also known as a Corset in the 1980s, accomplishment is to push up the breasts and tighten the waist area to achieve the ‘hour-glass’ figure. Garters are the extensions from the bustier to the stockings. These can be adjusted to fit you. Garter styles are not too sheer, which means that they can be worn and exposed under a blazer.

If you are going shopping and you are looking for a good bustier, look for the one that gives you options such as: push up pads for that extra lift, removable garters and removable straps. The hourglass shape is achieved with vertical ribbing or boning in the material. The different styles of bustiers are available in mesh, lace, satin and lace, Lurex embroidered, stretched mesh, ribbon lace, velvet, sheer net, stretch lace, fishnet, sparkling lace, leather, plaid lycra, and denim.

These are just a few of the styles mentioned. Among them you might just find the one that will help you accomplish the atmosphere you are trying to achieve.

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