Camisoles are pretty lingeries

sexy lingeriereplaced the ironclad undergarments of the early twentieth century and the use of camisole was found to be an adequate substitutes. They are certainly good looking lingerie items that are available in print, lace and are also typically made from silk or polyester. 

The form, style and function of different items of lingerie change according to the needs and one such item is the Camisoles or ‘camis’ as they are often called, which are sleeveless shirts worn as underclothing. If a woman wishes to have a little extra weight on her she can wear this item of lingerie which will cover her bust down to the waist or are ideal for being worn beneath see-through clothes. 

To begin with, camisoles were not meant to provide support for busts, but now they are made along with built-in bras. When fashions change, as they often do, and also during the 90s it was trendy to wear camisoles as outerwear with spaghetti straps in different fabrics. Often women prefer their camisoles to be made from silk, or polyester though cotton knit is also favored for stretch camisoles.

When wearing a camisole it is also normal for outerwear to be worn without bras underneath; though some women feel less than comfortable wearing their camisoles without bras due to the fact that there may not be enough support for their breasts. And, because bust sizes do not exactly always match with waist or body size, camisoles with bras may not fit every woman perfectly. 

This may be reason why camisoles are preferred to be worn beneath a suit jacket or matched shirt because women can wear their bras under the camisoles and use the jacket to hide the straps. It is also right to think of camisoles as a kind of tank top since they help to hide bra straps.

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