Allumette Lingerie

Allumette designer lingerie brings out the spirit of youth and femininity. The sexy designs and comfortable finish come in a spectrum of trendy styles and beautiful colors.

The brand is capturing growingly larger share of the world lingerie sales. This brand, born way back in 1948, enjoys a huge advantage of efficient distribution channels. It sells in almost every boutique across the world. That is a big facility that the buyers of Allumette designer lingerie enjoy. Why is this brand so very popular at global level? There is one major factor that endears the Alumette brand to the women folk – their lingerie’s sheer softness; the true French softness. Especially, women who are fond of intimate lingerie made of satin and other such soft material will quickly fall in love with the Allumette products.

The Allumette collection is by far the most favorite among a huge population of women world over. It goes without saying that French lingerie will just imply sexy lingerie. Apart from its sex appeal, the brand also has an appeal of being cute and very soft. The uncompromising quality finish is a darling feature. The fabrics are discreetly and professionally chosen to ensure the special softness that Allumette lingerie always are associated with.

The Allumette Sevres line is an especially fragile, very feminine and seductive series of lingerie collection. Occasionally, the pricing may look at little on the higher side. But, when you ask for the luxury, comfort and sensuous feel that Allumette brand lingerie bring you by default, you will see the fairness of the price tag. Allumette pieces are must have for the fashionable woman.

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