A Jour Lingerie

A Jour, a company from Ukraine, has been able to make inroads into the minds of women from several countries, with its impressive range and quality of lingerie. The brand offers a creative collection of lingerie in very good designs, captivating colors, and befitting every occasion – for special events as well as routine daily use.

Today, the fashion brand is selling from a large number of stores spread across more than 25 countries in Europe and Asia. And now you get this brand in the American market too. It is an admirable show considering that the brand emerged very recently from a country that is not greatly known for highly liberal or trendy dressing practices for too long.

A Jour brand first appeared in the Ukrainian market as recent as in early 2006. The brand’s first set of fashion lingerie was intended to meet the requirements of middle class females. Almost immediately, the company put up its shop in Russia. Soon the company’s products started to become a brand and found a niche for itself.

In an amazing pace of build up, the brand spread across 15 countries in Europe and Asia. The sales performance was quite striking at about 180,000 pieces within the first six months.

A Jour has been the only Ukrainian brand which has posed stiff competition to foreign brands. Clearly, A Jour is ahead of other Ukrainian brands by a huge distance. With the retain price in the range of $ 25 to $75, it has been doing pretty good all over. If you think of buying your lingerie with the A Jour label, you can do it confidently.

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