Top Dubai Jewelry Shops

Jewelry has always been a major dilemma for women and as the fashion spread widely, men have started to consult the famous jewelry stores as well. Every individual strives to find the best piece among others that is reasonable for the pocket as well and displays the true modesty in its design. When all these features are combined, then Dubai is one of the best destination that promises to provide tax free jewelry.

When searching for gold jewelry, Dubai Gold Souk should be the primary selection as almost half of the gold shops in Dubai are located here. Majorly owned by Indians and Iranians the shops hold the traditional designs of gold and is famous all over the world for its pure metal and standard productivity. Not only gold but the precious stones as well as pearls can also be located in the Top Jewelry Shops that keep you mesmerized for longer time. Apart from the huge presence of gold souk there are number of other local as well as international jewelry stores in Dubai that provides the best jewelry as compatible to anywhere in the world.

Among the international brands, Damas is regarded as one of the top jewelry shops in Dubai. The brand not only owns a large variety of its own spectacular collection but also made its fine repute as a trustworthy retailer for watches and jewelry. Damas has its stores in Dubai that can be located into the major shopping malls.

Joyalukkas jewelry shop in The Dubai Mall is also considered to be the trendiest destination for jewelry shoppers. From high fashionable gold designs to the breathtaking diamond collection, the shop is known for its marvelous collection of amazing designs.

ARY Jewelry in the Gold Souk is also a top jewelry shop in Dubai that has managed to make its repute and earned a lot of permanent customers. The jewelry shop is specialized in displaying pure gold designs that are unique in its making as well as reliable in its quality.

Apart from these major shops, Dubai is a city with huge shopping malls. Each mall is known to be a home to various international and local jewelry brands. Indians, Chinese and Turkish jewelers has managed to introduce their local designs that are highly appreciated among the locals of Dubai.

Malabar jewelry shop is known for the bestselling brand while Indian Kaloti Group sort of shops are known for their expertise in dealing with imported jewelry. Due to the strong jewelry set up in Dubai, the city management is progressively working towards introducing a gold city as well as a diamond park. The gold sale in the city is considered to be the major pillar in country economy.

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