Statement Necklace Singapore

Every woman deserves a statement necklace that makes even their plainest outfit pop out. Buying a statement necklace might be the most fun experience you’ll have while shopping, especially when you do it in Singapore. The variety of statement necklaces on display here is extensive, and the knowledgeable assistants in Singapore jewelry stores make choosing even more exciting. Before picking any statement necklace, consider how it will look against the outfit you have in mind when buying it. A good statement necklace stands out and in the process makes a plain outfit gets noticed. The single rule to remember is that only one item between the outfit and statement necklace can stand out. If the outfit is richly patterned, your statement necklace should be in one color. Likewise, if the outfit has a screaming color, a necklace in a subtle color will tone down the look. When the outfit is plain colored though, you can go all out and pick a statement necklace in a vibrant color or two.

The collection of statement necklaces in Singapore includes designer pieces from the world’s best jewelers and stylish designs from many local and regional jewelers. One thing all these statement necklaces have in common is a bold design. In all, there is generous use of large beads, acrylics, crystals, and gems places . Every statement necklace has one of these, which is what gives it the defining shape and look that makes it stand out. The necklaces are also bigger in size and more elaborate than regular necklaces. Note that the specific metals and gems used on the necklace will affect its price. The said, the price range of statement necklaces in Singapore is wide, and varies from affordable to expensive.

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