Luxury Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is perhaps the most known and sought after type of jewelry in the world today. To get a diamond is something—it can be synonymous to the word extravagant. But why is the diamond so precious? To fully understand why the value of the diamond is considered to be so high in economic terms, you have to trace back into the formation of the main component of this jewelry line—the diamond.

Diamonds are hard to find. Unlike sand which is numerous on beaches and deserts, diamonds have to be mined from deep inside the earth. Diamonds are usually found near volcanoes. That is because a diamond is formed when the element carbon is subjected to intense pressure. That kind of pressure can only be found in two areas: at the spot that is found between the Earth’s crust and mantle, and at a site of a meteor crash. The biggest and most useful for commercial use diamond mines are those that are found near volcanoes.

The diamond is the hardest known mineral that is formed naturally. In the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, the diamond is at the top of the scale at ten. Virtually anything can be cut by a diamond, including another diamond. Because of this characteristic possessed by the mineral, the diamond is used for industrial purposes, like dentistry materials.

Aside from being used as a “cutter”, the diamond is also used in jewelry. But the shiny and well polished material we see in diamond jewelry is not the natural diamond that miners get from the volcanic deposits. Before a freshly mined diamond ends up us another piece of jewelry, it has to undergo through a process in order for it to be considered valuable.

The task of cutting a diamond alone poses a lot of challenges. Since only a diamond can cut a diamond, a diamond-based cutter has to be used. But because both can cut each other, the two materials end up scratching each other, thus making it smaller and smaller as the cutting process goes. A big uncut and unpolished diamond ends up as a small and shiny valuable gemstone, yet already a lot of its supposed to be worth has been shed due to the cutting.

The shiny gemstone is then used for diamond jewelry through rings, necklaces, pendants and other accessories. The value of a piece of this jewelry is based on the unit of measure called the carat, which is equivalent to 200 milligrams. However, the value doesn’t increase with the increase of the mass of the gemstone. This is because there are varying demands of the gemstone in different carats, thus there are varying monetary value for each carat measure.

Like its main component, the diamond jewelry industry is as sophisticated as the diamond. And with its complexities, its value is well justified. From celebrities to established businessmen and women, diamond has become a status symbol that exudes elegance and beauty that will last forever. Whatever the carat or size of diamond you have on your jewelry, diamond will always be a diamond.

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