Jewelry Necklaces

“Look at that beautiful piece of jewelry necklace around her neck! Isn’t it lovely?”

That will be the kind of comment you’ll mostly get from people once they see a well-crafted jewelry necklace hanging around your neck. And that’s the kind of comment that jewelry makers would like to hear from people regarding the products they are making. Not only will it create an impression that their works are beautiful, it also brings in more profit as more and more people are getting impressed and are being encouraged to get their own jewelry piece from them.

The history of jewelry wearing and making goes back to ancient times. The first signs of the use of this type of accessories were found among the former habitats of Homo sapiens. Before the discovery of gemstones, shells and animal teeth were used as ornaments to adorn their necks.

It was in Egypt though that jewelry making was thought to be officially established first. Their nobles and the most prominent people of the Egyptian nation were the ones usually spotted to wear such ornaments. In time it became a symbol of political as well as religious power of the people who belong to such ranks.

Although gold was the material that was highly favored by the Egyptians to be used as jewelry, gemstones were also popular. However, even though they had access to precious stones, the Egyptians preferred to use colored glass.

Egyptian culture doesn’t limit the use of jeweled accessories like necklaces to the living. Mummified bodies of these nobles were also adorned with jewelry together with other material possessions. Their culture believed that such possessions can be brought along with them in the afterlife.

Jewelry wearing and making spread throughout other regions of Asia, especially to the other nations that Egypt had trading relationships with. In ancient Mesopotamia, jewelry wear were not only worn by women, but also by men. Like Egypt, the wearing of jeweled accessories became a symbol of power and prosperity.

When European nations like Greece and Rome expanded in Asia, they were able to pick up such customs and integrated them as well to their very own set of customs when it comes to jewelry.

As time passed, the wearing of jewelry was not only limited to the nobles, but to the ordinary citizens as well. However, jewelry necklaces and other accessories adorned with gemstones still remained to be the symbol of prosperity and wealth due to its value in the market.

Jewelry NecklaceThe different art movements which came about in the recent centuries started creating a change in the way jewelry wearing is seen. From these art movements, the concept of beauty and harmony when it comes to fashion came to be.

The jewelry necklaces are now used primarily as an accessory rather than a symbol of authority. This shift of concept from being a sign of power to being a part of an individual’s fashion statement is the product of changing times in the accessory’s colorful history.

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