Jade Jewelry

Strut away your other stones and jewelries and lady listen up. Perhaps you have been hearing much about going green, staying healthy the natural way and a lot more things that concern wellness both for the environment and for you. No you are not reading something that has all the lectures on how to take care of the environment or how to take care of your self. Do you know the word vanity? Then this is what this is all about. Before you even raise a brow read through and you will see that the wonders of your being vain can bring you good health, luck and precious feelings. How? This is possible because of the jade jewelry.

The Chinese considers the jade as the most powerful or precious of all stones. It is so precious that they call it the yu or precious stone. The Chinese has many myths about the origin of the jade and how their values of compassion, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom are carried by this stone. The Chinese though surely loves the jade that they make jade jewelry to protect themselves from health problems. This stone is believed to have healing properties thus wearing it or having it around the house will mean good luck.

Jade jewelry now means one thing for most women though, fashion! Just how good will a jade jewelry look when you wear it with a night gown or a plain dress or blouse and jeans? Every girl would envy the nice and elegant jade jewelry.

But why go as green as the original color of the jade when you could have jade jewelry for your self? Here are other important facts about why you should own and why you must have a jade jewelry.
•    Jade jewelry healing prowess.  Many believe that the jade attracts positive energy so if you want to have good energy with you everyday then wear a jade jewelry and be surprised what wonders it could bring to you and to your health!
•    Emotional Balancing Jade jewelry. If you know of someone who is in trauma then let that person wear jade jewelry because it is known to have powers of calming wrecked nerves.
•    Here is what Confucius has to say about jade:  “because men of olden days regarded it as a symbol of the virtues. Its gentle, smooth, glossy appearance suggests charity of heart; its fine close texture and hardness suggests wisdom; it is firm and yet does not wound, suggesting duty to one’s neighbor; it hangs down as though sinking, suggesting ceremony; struck, it gives a clear note, long drawn out, dying gradually away and suggesting music; its flaws do not hide its excellences, nor do its excellences hide its flaws, suggesting loyalty; it gains our confidence, suggesting truth; its spirituality is like the bright rainbow, suggesting the heavens above; its energy is manifested in hill and stream, suggesting the earth below; as articles of regalia it suggests the exemplification of that than which there is nothing in the world of equal value, and thereby is Tao itself.

Go ahead and get a feel of being healed while being extremely gorgeous with a really nice jade jewelry.

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