Hip-Hop Jewelry

While it was hardly noticed in previous centuries, hip hop jewelry started getting notice when hip hop music slowly revolutionized the music industry. Rappers and their minions started wearing these kinds of jewelry, always recognizable because of their sizes.

The hip hop jewelry industry started sending notices to the world of the industry when hip hop music icons, among them 50 Cent, Eminem, Jay-Z and other rappers started displaying the bling-blings around their necks, on their hands and even in their wallets.

Always recognizable from afar, most pieces of this kind of jewelry are flashy and are accented with precious stones like diamonds. They are also known for being iced out.
The most popular is the bracelet studded with diamond to emphasize the glitter and to highlight its owner. Rappers often dangle them while reciting their poems, thereby making the audiences mesmerized not only by the lyrics, but also by the glitter of the pieces.

Another top of the line iced out hip hop jewelry is the pimp cup. Some rappers, like Lil John, wear their pimp cups with letters on top of the glass either to spell out their names or the symbols.

Another popular hip hop accessory is the iced out watch, sometime a replica watch, making it among the cheapest jewelry. The watch is either iced with stones on its cover or any other part of it.

Most of these jewelry pieces are made up of gold, silver and even the super expensive platinum that are carved into rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces and other. Even the false teeth are iced out by these rappers to announce that these are not ordinary false teeth some of them were either covered with gold and even platinum. The popularity of hip hop jewelry is already increasing, thanks to the advent of modern television and even movies. Celebrities who attend big functions such as awards nights of either of the Oscars and even some obscure artistic awards flaunt their jewelry for every one to see.

Because of this, the use of these pieces of jewelry has become so popular that even grade school children leave their homes with dangling necklaces or diamond studded earrings either to the amusement or consternation of their parents.
The one goal in wearing this kind of jewelry is people not only to notice the person who wears it but also to recognize it because even from a far it can be noticed because of their sheer sizes and glitter. Add to it is the fact that most hip hop musicians wear them just like their baggy pants.

Another new development is that even women celebrities are already appreciating this piece of jewelry as not just the rappers, but also other singers as well as actresses start wearing them. Even those who have just gained prominence in the industry of celebrity have started patronizing them, allowing the market to grow bigger and more expensive.
But for the initiated, they thought that this kind of jewelry started gaining prominence only during the era of new wave and rap music, a stereotyping which is totally wrong. Even the late king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, also wore his hip-hop bling-blings during his heyday. This makes this kind of jewelry here to stay.

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