Top Interior Designers India

Having a stylish interior design in your home or office is one of the things that will give your lifestyle a major boost. The best home design goes beyond picking the right colour combination. It’s about bringing every aspect of the home into harmony, from the large items in the room to all the furnishings, wall set up, window dressing, and room arrangement. There are many top interior designers in India, who will help you create the perfect space, whether your project is a small house, multi-tiered office complex or vast residential plan. Find the right one and you will soon be on your way to enjoying inspiring interior design in your rooms.

The crop of top interior designers in India is made up of individuals who have won international and national awards for their design work. These are designers who have worked on major construction projects from concept to ensure that the ensuing building is perfect for the intended use. An important aspect of interior design work is the play on space it involves. Using their skills, interior designers plan and arrange buildings and rooms in such a way that owners can make practical use of them even when the space is limiting. When you have a large space that intimidates you or a particularly tiny one that you don’t know how to design to fit the need, consider hiring an interior designer. They will use the right size of basic furniture and arrange it in a way that opens up tiny spaces while filling up huge spaces for a compact look.

If your projects are retail based or you would like to establish an own brand or style in buildings associated with you, consider the renowned Ajay Shah. Best known for industrial designs, architectural structures and creative brands, Ajay will create a statement look in your building, whatever its size. Shabnam Gupta is another big name in residential and commercial design circles. Talented and thorough, Shabnam, the owner of The Orange Lane design studio specializes in space management and will give you a number of techniques and options that will work for your space.

Other top designers you can consider using in India are Lipika Sud, Sunita Kohli, Amir Sharma, Tanya Gyani, Anjum Jung, Amrish Arora, Rajeev Saini and Associates, Sameep Padora and Associates, Maharashtra, Boloji, Pram Nath and Associates, Khoj, Indian Interior Designs, Synergyce, Godrej Interio, Sudhir Gandhi and Suleka B2B. These designers specialize in a number of techniques, among them residential design and management, office designs, corporate and IT interior design; showroom, exhibition and factory design services; structural restoration, retail space designing, furniture designing, and research based designing.

Get the help you need with your project from the top interior designers in India. With global exposure and experience bringing the latest interior design trends to life, they are the best minds to actualize your design plans. Most of these top interior designers also offer consultancy services. Consult then for help in any aspect of your residential, housing or commercial project.

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