Interior Decoration Trends 2015

The interior decoration landscape is ever on a roll. Nothing stays fashionable for long and every year, new trends emerge to drive the industry forward in providing home and lifestyle solutions for the modern homeowner. For 2015, the interior decoration trends are hot and inspiring. It’s never too late to join in on what’s trending and what’s in for the season, so get on with these trends happening currently:

Blue is the reigning color this year, and it trends in all its shades. From deep ocean blue to the lightest of blues, this queen color proves just how well it complements all other colors. For a bold look, have one or two walls painted blue. But whether to stick to blue linens, cushions, drapes, headboards, sofa fabric or floor coverings, you will still make a major style statement with your chosen furnishing. When it comes to textures and patterns, layering is the keyword. Mix the soft and the bold, the muted and the screaming. Soft and hard combinations are all the rage. Materials like leather and silk or steel and wood are bonding well in 2015, a trend that has been well received and is likely to carry on for a little longer.

Modern classics are a huge trend this year, as more and more of traditional design inspires 2015 furniture designs. It doesn’t stop with the furniture, as the look spreads to incorporate vintage accessories and furnishings like mirrors, table lamps, and storage boxes. To get it right, aim to create a rustic look using one to two large pieces in a room. As these become the focal point of the room, your goal is achieved and a contemporary space clouded in rustic mystery comes to life. The minimalist look is still on for 2015. Metallics and whites are the colors that will bring out this style perfectly. To break what might seem like a monotonous look, use different textures in the same color and different shades of the same color. Floral prints and abstract designs are also major interior decoration trends in 2015 so get some artwork on your furnishings, and for a more daring look, wall decals.

If you are wondering how best to incorporate the trending looks for 2015 in your interior decoration projects, the answer is there is no right or wrong way. You can go small with tiny prints and items or go all out with major furniture and surfaces like walls and the ceiling. Both approaches will have a tangible effect, with the first announcing its style subtly and the second making a loud dramatic entrance. In both, the effect will be noticeable so work with what suits your style. We may be months into the year but there’s still plenty of time to catch on with these trends. Remember most of these styles remain fashionable for a year or so. That’s ample time to flex your artistic muscle and show it off to all who enter your abode.

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