Making Colored Hairstyles Last Long

Colored hairstyles make a stunning statement to your overall look. It is, therefore, important to keep the color of your hair. If you think that shampooing and conditioning is all there is to care for colored hair then you have got it all wrong. Colored hair needs more complex care than any other hair types. Here are some great hair care tips on keeping that color on your hair.

It is important to choose the right hair products to take care of colored hairstyles. You want to avoid hair products that contain alcohol. Alcohol can open up the cuticles of your hair, causing it to dry out and eventually washing the color out. If you have colored hair, invest some money on leave-on conditioners. The less dry your hair is, the better able it is to attract moisture and trap the color. It is best to apply this leave-on conditioner before styling your hair. If you have frizzy colored hair, you may want to choose one that is silicone-based. This is because when silicone is heated, it becomes pliable and when it is dry, it becomes flexible. Applied to you hair, this can help in preventing hair breakage.

Though it’s good to wash your hair everyday, if you have colored hair, you may want to reduce the number of times you wash your hair. When you wash your hair, the color that you put in will fade prematurely. You won’t have enough time to flaunt your colored locks if you keep this up. You spend so many hours and so much money to have your hair colored and just to have it fade in a few weeks.

You should also go easy on shampooing your hair. It is best to shampoo every other day. On the days you don’t apply shampoo, apply a light conditioner. Use only cold water to wash your hair. If you use warm water in washing your hair, this will cause the cuticles of your hair to open and the color will literally drain away. If you want to make the most of colored hair, you have to be prepared to take care for it properly. Colored hairstyles are a great investment to add to your look so make sure the color stays with you for a long time.

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