Layered Hairstyles in Today’s Fashion

Layered hairstyles are very hip and popular nowadays as they look good on all hair lengths. They are considered among the best hairstyles because they can turn simple and ordinary hairstyles into elegant and stunning ones. The simple addition of layering can increase volume and allow the hair to be accentuated with highlights to emphasize or influence other aspects of the face.

Creating a layered haircut initially involves the cutting of the hair into different, generally uneven length, layers. The uppermost hair layer may either be chin length or at ear level or may begin with fringes and locks. The subsequent layers are increasingly longer depending on the preferred design or style. Depending on style, the entire length of the hair can be layered or just some parts of it. Colors and highlights are added for accent, elegance or sophistication.

As short hairstyles have recently taken on popularity among women, layering has been applied to these hairdos to further enhance beauty and the fashion statement. In such cases, the layering is finished with a styling gel in order to give greater definition and texture. The texturing usually gives the short layered hairstyle a very delicate look.

On the other hand, one popular medium layered hairstyle involves the tapering of the back hair layers and the layering of the front bangs to provide a remarkable facial framing. The layers can then be highlighted and textured according to the person’s style or taste. This type of medium layered hairstyle is excellent for most facial shapes, which explains its increasing popularity with many women.

On the whole, layered hairstyles work superbly on long hair as it allows the stylist a wide range of styling options and looks wonderful on oval as well as long facial shapes. As layering may be applied to a wide range of hair lengths and on a variety of hairdos, it is quite predictable that this fascinating innovation may stay with us for a while.

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