Latest Hairstyle Trends

A survey of the history of our civilization will reveal two things with regard to hairstyles. First, since the ancient times, people have generally and consistently opted to sport the latest popular hairstyle. Second, hairstyles change regularly, and this is especially true of our more recent history where hairstyles seem to change as quickly as the seasons do. So much so, that every turn of the year seemed to necessitate a new hairstyle – as if to proclaim the commencement of a new chapter in one’s life.

Aside from the influence of fashion gurus, celebrities and models, hairstyle trends are generally affected by cultural and social influences as well as by momentous events that impact on society. And even as they change with regularity, quite frequently, the latest hairstyles are but returning, recycled (or refined) versions of old favourites. Thus, in hairstyles “new” simply means latest, not necessarily novel.

Pursuing the vogue in hairstyle is a predilection of both men and women. Modern men, it appears, have become as conscious as having a fancy look and sporting a unique or distinctive hairstyle. Some of the latest hairstyles popular among men are the buzz cut, league cut, crew cut, graduation, spikes, spears, messy cut, shag, low fade, medium fade, short taper and the enduring bald. Bald is proving to be an increasingly popular trend these days.

On the other hand, over the past few years, women have taken on such a liking for short hairstyles, mainly because many celebrities began sporting short hairdos. There is presently a huge selection of popular short hairstyles for women that would be varied enough to fit every profession, character or personality. Among the most popular are the bob cut, textured bob, blunt bob, curl bob, choppy cut, pixie cut and short shag.

Kids are also getting into the game as more and more of them are evincing excitement about acquiring new looks and styles. Although parents generally prefer short haircuts to go with the kids’ normal hyperactive lifestyle, when they reach their teens, they normally gravitate towards popular fashion trends, mimicking the styles and tastes of their favorite celebrities and heroes. Nowadays, young boys go for spikes and crew cuts, while young girls show a preference for tight ponytails or shoulder-length hair.

As the seasons change, so will hairstyles. One only wonders what the next new or returning hairstyle will be.

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