Achieving a Punk Hairstyle

You don’t have to be punk to look good in a punk hairstyle. Achieving this strong hairstyle is easy. Don’t be intimidated by those spikes or by those daring colors, anyone can achieve it with a few simple hairstyling tools. If want to sport on this punk rock hairstyle, then be prepared to scout out for the right tools and extra time in front of a mirror.

If you are a beginner, then you might want to start out using a gel to achieve your punk look. More advanced punks start out by placing gel on their hair. You have to pick out the right kind of gel. You are looking for gel that can help make your spikes last longer. Since you will be wearing your spikes for a few days, make sure the gel you use doesn’t smell. You should also pick gel that works extra hard or extra strong.

The second tool you should put your hands on is hairspray. Don’t be afraid to spray on a lot of amount.  Of course, for extra spike strength, you need to be ready to scavenge your kitchen for some eggs. You will need the whites only discard the yolk because you wont’ be using it. Put this on your hair with hairspray. Egg whites on your hair without hairspray will result in stinking hair. You definitely want a hairstyle that impresses and not stinks.

If you want a punk hairstyle that lasts for as long as a week, then you might want to try on some gelatin on your hair. Though this can last for a week, it will smell and it can even attract flies if your hair gets wet. If you want a long lasting option that does not smell and won’t attract, then glue is your best bet. If you have curly or fine hair that just won’t respond to gel, glue is the best tool for you. All you need to do is pour the sticky stuff on your palm, grab a chunk of hair, and start pulling upwards. Of course, the more spikes you make the more you can make a statement out of your punk hairstyle.

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