Loose Fit Jeans: Promoting Comfort in Style

While skinny jeans may be one of the recent hot items in men’s fashion, it certainly will not make a suitable wear for everyone. Plainly, there are shapes and physique that will fit these jeans well; and there are shapes that simply won’t. Skinny jeans can make the wrong body build look scrawny or even ridiculous.

For those who wish to be hip and attuned to the latest fashion trends, but who will not dare to look comical in the process, here’s some good news: loose fit jeans are now the coming vogue. Wearers can once again enjoy the clothing comfort and versatility not provided by skinny jeans. To make it the right addition to the wardrobe this spring, a good pair of loose fit jeans should be sporty and casual, yet adequately conventional for the office and sufficiently hip and stylish to wear on a night out.

Getting the right fit is essential in picking out a pair of loose fit jeans. The ideal length would be for the jeans to easily reach the floor when you’re bare foot. In getting the right waist size, a comfortable but slightly well fitting waistline should be the rule. This is to give some allowance for the tendency of jeans to expand a little as it reacts to body heat and shrink slightly with the initial washings. The same principle applies to the thigh area where a comfortable fit around the thighs should be the object.

In shopping for the right pair of loose fit jeans, except when one is reasonably young, one should steer clear of low-slung, baggy jeans that have become so popular among the youth. Anyway, there are a number of retailers who offer trendy and stylish loose fit jeans for most every occasion.

In choosing the right finish to the fabric, one should bear in mind that a darker finish generally presents a more formal look, although the trend in the last decade has been for jeans to have a bleached, worn out look to them. In this regard, it would be helpful to get the advice of a trusted friend. Shop assistants can also be very helpful, although they are often consulted as a last resort. A sure-fire technique is to wear what you would ordinarily wear with a pair of loose fit jeans when you’re shopping for them.

So, if you’re angling to be hip and stylish this spring, yet be comfortable and versatile and afforded maximum mobility, a fine pair of loose fit jeans is the best addition to your wardrobe.

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