Handbags and Purses

The essential matter about handbags and purses is not the brand stamped on it’s side or the label dangling on its zippers or the fancy combination of colors that grabs the attention of officemates; it is the feeling it gives you as you carry it. Your handbag or purse may be the fashion rave of the season, but if the price that you forked over for it is giving you sleepless nights fretting over credit card payments, or if the elegant handbag is so impractically small or is inadequate for your requirements, you would not feel wonderful carrying it around.

But can a purse or a handbag really influence how one feels? Can harmless apparel have any effect on how one’s daily routine grinds out? Of course, because just like that awesome suit that everybody admired in the meeting, and which made you feel distinguished and confident, apparel really can influence one’s deportment and sense of worth. People have their favorite ties, or lucky shirts, or fighting shoes that they wear when the occasion called for it. They wore them for an application interview, crucial meetings, or when they had a critical confrontation. And they felt better – even charmed.

One man in Chicago claimed that he could tell his wife’s mood just by the handbag or purse she was carrying. He told her that he knew that the long winter had finally gotten to her when she suddenly started using her vividly colored striped handbag in early February. She subsequently admitted that it did help her shake off the winter blues. In fact, she claims that from their comments, shoppers at a grocery who eyed her bag also appeared to have been positively affected by it. They were thinking aloud that they were already so ready for spring.

There are a great number of handbags and purses around and you can be sure to get one that will make you feel wonderful carrying around.

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