Flattering Outfits for your Body Type

Do you pick out outfits for your body type or do you simply pick the most attractive outfit on the rack? If you want to make your body look flattering, you have to start by picking out the right clothes suitable to your body type. Yes, different people have different body types and the clothes they wear can either enhance or worsen these body types. Know what body type you have before picking out clothes and you’ll finally solve the mystery why some clothes look good on others but not on you.

There are basically three types of body shapes: apple or round-shaped, pear-shaped, straight, and hourglass. Professionals can delve more on specific body types but these four types are best for beginners. If you are dressing a body that is apple or round-shaped, choose fabrics that are stretchable. Do avoid tight clothes as this will only emphasize your round upper body and slim lower body. You should also avoid the exact opposite like baggy clothing or puffy clothes as this will only enhance your roundness.

If you have a pear-shaped body type, this means that you have a narrower upper body and a wider lower body. Since you have a delicate upper body and a great waist you should try choosing outfits that accentuate these areas like sleeveless or strapless tops. The outfits you should be avoiding are straight-cut dresses which tend to tighten at the widest area of your body, your hips. For women with straight bodies, you need to choose outfits that will give you some shape and proportion. The right outfits for your body type would be those that elongate your upper body.

If you have an hourglass body type, you don’t have any problems in picking out the right outfits. Any outfit will do as long as you can carry it confidently. Remember, that in picking out clothes, you should always choose those that accentuate your positive areas and hide your negative areas. If you choose the right outfits for your body type, you will definitely be able to carry yourself better than you did before.

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