Fashion & Clothes in South Africa

Fashion is an integral part of modern lifestyle. A lot of people derive some form of satisfaction from the clothes they wear. To such people, the quality of clothes they buy matters a lot and they would rather spend a fortune on a few popular clothing brands than be seen with anything less than designer wear. Even when you don’t seek validation from the clothes you wear, buying quality branded clothing that fits right can leave you feeling great. And it’s a great way to treat yourself every now and then. There are many popular clothing brands you can buy in South Africa.

Designer casual and street wear is very popular across all ages, but especially among children, teens, and young adults. This is not to completely stereotype against the older generation, as a good number of them are fashion savvy and don’t mind sporting these catchy designs once in a while. Top among local popular clothing brands in this category are Galxboy, Head Honcho, Thesis, Butan Wear, Selfi, and Posh Patterns for men. International clothing brands popular in the country include Levi’s, Utopia,  Jockey, Puma, Klevas, Crosshatch, Silent Theory, RVCA, Zoo York, Tapout, Soviet, Cutty, Rip Curl, Triple Fige Soul, Jeep, O’Neill, Lee, Dickies, Country Road, Exact, Identity, LEGiT,  Miladys, Mat & May, Guess, Relay, Truworths, Foschini, DonnnaClaire, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hilfiger Denim, and G-Star Raw.

Designer formal wear is also quite popular with many in the corporate world. The South African populace resonates most with brands like  Isabel de Villiers, Thula Sindi, Fabiani, Truworths, Zara, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Richard James, and Tom Ford. Sportswear is another category that sells like hot cake. Under this category are popular clothing brands like Sportscene, Totalsports,  Nike, Fubu, Addidas, Converse, and Super DrySport. Popular sleepwear brands includes Sequel, Macaroon, Poppy Divine, Lila Rose, and Onesie.

These popular clothing brands stand out for their well designed outfits, finely cut designs and fitting clothing. Most are high end brands whose quality precedes their famous names, with items lasting for years without wear or tear. Indeed, they manufacture their clothing from premium materials after putting them through a treatment process for extra strength and durability. Even though they cost a pretty penny, they are a worth investment given the number of wear cycles you can wring out of them. A number of the popular South African clothing brands are not all that expensive and are affordable to most people. Specifically designed to make you look good without leaving you broke, these are designs that will give you confidence to walk the streets and take you from the office to an informal event.

Whatever your fashion preference, look good with items from these popular clothing brands in South Africa. They stock different  styles of clothes  for men, women and the younger generation, from casual to street wear, high street, premium, formal, sports and gym wear. The wide price range across the brands will ensure that you get items within your budget.

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