The tankini is considered to be the most versatile swimsuit, because it offers the advantages of a one-piece bikini when it comes to covering the torso and yet gives the comforts of a two-piece suit. Many women are fed up of the monotonous looking one-piece bikini, but forced to continue with it for modesty reason, have a great alternative in a tankini.

It looks very sexy on any person due to the baggy nature of a tank top; yet covers the belly area to keep you dressed modestly with a brief or shorts as bottom wear. The tank top with cups and under-wire supports the breasts and remain highly functional both in and out of water. You can indulge in any form of beach sport without being over-exposed. The baggy top affords to use it as a maternity swimsuit, a feature you cannot find in any other version.

A sarong cut top makes you look smashing, protects you from UV and hides the stretch marks and other skin deformations. The tankini top comes in varying lengths that stops just short of the navel, if you opt for revealing a blessed flat belly or can meet the brief or shorts at the bottom. Tops available in halter, strapless or in tank version look equally gorgeous. As for the bottoms, you can opt from a brief to boy shorts or skirted type, that can make your leaner hips look bigger than it is.

The advantage of the two-piece tankini is that, you can choose the top and bottom in different sizes to match the uneven top and bottom sizes. You can go for different colors or prints for both pieces. This freedom helps you to give an appearance of a more balanced figure.

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