Taking care of the swimsuit

Using swimwear for swimming in pools will no doubt cause a great deal of chlorine to affect the swimsuit. Most swimsuits are therefore designed with swimming pools in mind. In addition, if you happen to buy swimwear in the US you can be assured that there will be labels that contain care instructions. Sometimes, the label will inform you to use non-chlorine bleach for cleaning your swimsuit or it will give other directions for caring for your swimsuit.

When cleaning nylon or spandex swimwear, it is best not to use chlorine bleach. Having spent time, money and effort in purchasing a swimsuit you will no doubt be anxious to keep it in good condition so that it lasts longer and still looks good even after much use. There are certain swimwear care tips that you should follow to get the best out of your swimsuit.

Make sure that you rinse the swimsuit with tap water after you have finished swimming and use mild soap, and avoid chlorine-based bleach products as well as spot removers, and even give the dry cleaners a pass. Also, you should absolutely not put the swimsuit in a washing machine and also never use bleach.

For drying the swimsuit, lay it flat under natural air, and under no circumstances, should it is not put in a dryer nor should it be wrung. Also, store the swimsuit only after it is completely dry as wet swimsuits may fade and lose color.

If you use sun tan lotions that have an oil base, make sure that there is minimum contact with the swimsuit since the oils could damage the elastic on the swimsuit. Another absolute no-no is the hot tub, and if the water in the pool has too much chlorine expect some discoloring. It is thus advisable to have minimum contact with highly chlorinated water as is possible, and wearing an old swimsuit would be an acceptable alternative.

These are a few simple ways to keep the swimwear in good condition and prevent unwanted blemishes from destroying these delicate items.

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