Selecting the Right Surfwear

Selection of a surfwear requires some preliminary knowledge of what to look for before buying them. Let me give you some basics to choose a correct surfwear. These suits normally made of neoprene rubber and you can buy them from a store or online.

The temperature of the sea plays an important role while choosing an appropriate surfwear. Depending upon a specific range of temperature one uses the suit, the grading is done to make it comfortable to wear. The various grades listed here show the temperature band and the recommended suit type.

– For a temperature band of 60 – 70 degree Fahrenheit (oF), no. 3/2 wetsuit. For 55 – 60 oF , no. 4/3 wetsuit. If it is less than 55 oF, a hooded wet suit of 5/4/3 or 6/5/4 is advised.

– Always, it is better to buy the surfwear from a store to try out for snug fit before purchasing it so you will save the trouble of exchanging it later. Wearing a suit, try to squat, turn your head left, right, up, down and swallow. If these actions do not cause discomfort, it is an indication of a correct fitting.

– Look for the possible physical damage to the suit like pinholes. Normally they check thoroughly before shipping and it is only a precaution.

– When in water the suit should not restrict you while trying a paddle or free stroke and confirm that no water seeps through the suit.

Invest a little time while selecting Surfing wetsuit to enjoy a trouble free surfing experience in comfort and safety.

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