Muslim Swimsuits

In a strange incident at one of the swimming pools in France, one of its citizen, a converted Muslim who was wearing a burquini, was asked to leave the pool on the grounds of hygiene, citing that the full swimsuit carried more bacteria than the smaller bikinis, posing health problems.

Such discouragement of Burquini was opposed by a section of the 5-million-plus Muslim population, claiming it to be an act of discrimination. However, the government officials clarify that it is only implementing the pool rules, which prescribes that people using the public swimming pools wear bathing suits and have a shower before entering the pool, to ensure that hygiene is maintained at the best.

Aheda Zanetti, a Lebanese Australian designed the Burquini to meet the stipulations of the Islamic laws that prohibit exposure of skin by women. As a sportswoman who experienced herself the great discomfort of using the earlier versions of Muslim swimsuit that restricted free movement, she found a solution in the form of burquini. This new wear became very popular among Muslim women swimmers because of the comfort it offered, even while meeting the demands of the Muslim laws in the matter.

The burquinis used widely in Australia without a problem, is at the center of a controversy in Europe and North America, invoking a storm of protest.

Comparing her Burquini to the high-tech neck-to-ankle suits used by elite swimmers, she dubbed the government’s objection as a political move. However, if you are one among those wearing burquini to the pool, keep a tab on the developments, lest you can be embarrassed too.

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