Choosing a monokini needs some thinking before you buy them. One has to be sure of what is right for them. If you are one blessed with bigger bust, make sure you opt for a style, which effectively supports the weight of your breasts with a padded under-wire cup. This helps in preventing possible damage to the muscles or tissue ruptures.

Likewise choosing a dark color plays down the bust size. The same happens to your hips as well, if they are bigger. You can go for horizontal stripes to achieve the same effect. If the buttocks are bigger with smaller bust line, choose a brighter top to divert attention from the bottom and vise-versa.

In case of you are on the skinnier side or voluptuous, refrain from wearing a monokini, instead opt for a bikini. As monokinis suits better on Hourglass figures.

Monokinis gives you tanning on a larger area due to its design. The string version may create peculiar tan lines depending. Particularly the wrap around and Bandeau kinds with criss-cross strings and straps. Many well tanned celebrities like, Giselle Bundchen, Britney Spears and Jessica Alba are seen donning the monokinis.

If you have planned for an extreme style monokini, remember it is more suitable to hang around with, on poolside or a beach, rather than serious swimming. If the purpose suits you and you crave to bare more, then buy the string type with ties or ring buckles or quick fasteners to make it dual purpose attire. You can wear both when you are with children or in public places and go topless when you are at a private poolside party or beach. Buy online at Swimwear & Bikini for a best deal.

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