Mastectomy Swimwear

When mastectomy happens, obviously, the fall out inevitably is the mental disturbance that the person who has undergone the procedure experiences. This disturbance lasts for long because the woman would have lost some or most of her ‘proud asset’. This will have also messed up the symmetry of her body structure. She feels it as an inadequacy which prevents her from wearing her swimsuit and enjoy her time at the beach or by the poolside.

However, of late the concept of swimwear has undergone a sea change. An altogether new product, the mastectomy swimwear has come to the rescue of these women in post-mastectomy situation. The use of appropriate prosthetic breast will help them in going for trendy mastectomy swimwear without any difference being seen between these women and others on the beach. They will be again swimming, sun-bathing or frolicking with their families and friends. No one will ever know they have undergone the procedure.

If you are one of the mastectomy-affected women, you will do well to choose perfectly matching prosthetic breasts and the swimsuit that you want to wear. As you exit the pool, you need to exercise just an extra bit of caution. In the beginning, it is important to use swimsuit top that has pockets to hold the prosthetic breast forms. This can save a likely embarrassment.

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