Leather Bikini

Buying a leather bikini is not as simple as buying a regular one. The money you spend is quite a sum. So, it is necessary that you have full awareness about buying this leather wear. The following pointers will be of use.

1. Once you buy a leather bikini, exchanging or returning is not encouraged by most of the makers. Be sure of the conditions of sale and precautions to be taken, post-sale.

2. Some of the sellers, in rare circumstances, oblige an exchange of the product by charging a fee for restocking. Be aware it is only an exception; not a rule. You find these conditions and other instructions printed on labels or packing slips.

3. You are advised to take your body measurements before buying, to get the correct size of a leather Bikini that fits well on you. You can compare the measurements with the sizing chart of the maker.

4. Even though the leather swimwear is made to resist chlorine and salt water, exercise sufficient care to keep the leather in good condition after every use.

5. One important instruction, to observe after use is to thoroughly rinse the bikini in lukewarm water or hand wash it using mild detergent. Do not wring the apparel under any circumstance. Squeeze and stretch it lightly before spreading on a flat surface to dry. Always dry them under shade and never under the sun, lest it can fade and shrink.

6. If you shop this product online, it is advisable that you try the wear on you in an outlet before ordering. However colorful a picture might be, it cannot give the experience of a touch, Hence, the advice.

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