Guess? A Brand to Reckon With

A mere question mark – ‘Guess?’ as their motif, this international brand of fashion wear and accessories, was founded in 1981 by four brothers born in Morocco. The first branded product launched in 1982 was its three-zipper jeans ‘Marilyn’ that made the name an instant hit. Overnight, the brand became a household name. The black & white advertisements, with famous stars as models, created waves to make the jeans a grand success.

The brand also makes a range of fine swimwear with perfect fit, made of high quality materials like Lycra and Spandex. This material makes the garment very durable. These fabrics offer complete protection to the skin, resisting the harmful effects of seawater and chlorine in pools and act as good shield from UV rays. The swimsuits made of such materials offer a sensuous feel of soft silk and a snug fit with its stretch property.

With a variety of styles, the Guess swimwear pampers you with its classic and exotic range and make you look gorgeous. The beautiful patterns in Polka Dots, Floral prints and Stripes in a range of colors are very captivating. These garments also come with appropriate accessories which has made them one of the most sought after Brands.

The wide range of fashion styles offered by Guess swimwear include Bikinis, Halters, Monokinis, Tankinis, Suspenders, Bandeau, Strings and many more. The Guess brand has acquired been successful in retaining a large base of customers offering them high quality products at affordable price.

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