Frequently used terms to describe swimwear

When you are buying swimwear, there are a number of terms that crop up that need to be understood to get the most out of the swimwear purchasing experience. To begin with, you will need to understand what binding or piping refers to. It is really a thin tube of fabric that outlines the swimwear. Color blocking refers to a swimwear that has two or more colors in large blocks.

The cup size of the swimwear refers to any suit that is especially fitted to a person’s unique bra size, and normal sizes include D, DD as well as E. Sometimes, you will want to wear accessories with your swimwear and will come up against the term ‘dyed to match’ which means that the accessories are the same color, though not necessarily of the same fabric as the swimwear that they match.

When you select the fabric from which the swimwear is made, the term ‘four way stretch’ will crop up and this refers to a type of fabric that stretches in four directions. Another term that you will usually encounter is ‘Girth’ which is the vertical length of the torso beginning at the front of the neck and carrying on down to the back of the neck.

Sometimes there is detailing added to the swimwear such as metal, wood, plastic, buckles as well as buttons and rhinestone or even zippers, and these names are referred to as ‘hardware’. Another term you need to be familiar with is ‘logo’ which is the emblem that is displayed prominently and defines the manufacturer’s name exclusively to help in identifying the swimwear.

Among the many terms that are used when shopping for swimwear, you also need to be aware of the term ‘self’ which means the different elements of the swimwear that are made from the exact fabric. To cite an example, the strings on the top should be made of the exact color as well as fabric that the rest of the swimwear is made from. This is called the ‘self’.

Once you are familiar with the language of swimwear, there is no reason why you will not be able to find and buy the swimwear that will best served your needs and specifications?

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