Swimsuits have evolved from a single piece in the 60’s to two piece Bikinis to String, Thong, G-string, Sling, Micro, Monokini, Bandeau tops, and so on resulting in a wide variety of bikinis. Here is a range of bikinis that are the most popular.

Classic Bikini;
This is the traditional bikini as was in demand during the early decades from its coming. The most popular among the Bikinis, this outfit is modest and covers the breasts, groin and buttocks.

These designs cover the complete portion of the chest with some variant covering the navel and are known as tank tops in materials like Lycra, Nylon, Cotton and Spandex. This design goes well with the women with tall torso and smaller breasts and also the conservative types.

String Bikini
The name indicates the prominent feature of the design, but provides adequate covering of the breasts, Groin and buttocks retaining the modesty label.

As the name goes, it is an ultra skimpy design, wherein a couple of strips are covering the breast area and the genitals. Help to provide a uniform tan minus a total nudity.

Sling Bikini
This is a one-piece swimwear covering less than the usual one-piece swimsuit. Also known as, Suspender Bikini, here the strings of both the top and bottom pieces go around the waist and suspended from the shoulders. Only the centre of breasts is covered by the top strip.

It is just a one-piece bottom wear, nevertheless called a Bikini, designed for the top less sunbathers. This has naturally attracted harsh reviews from the society.

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