Bathing Suits & Tanning

For many women sun-tanning is an essential rage. Many even risk sun-burns and other skin problems. When they return home after such tan sessions, they will get not only the tan that they love, but they also get those undesirable tan lines.

Till recently, one had only two ways of getting over the tan line problem. One way was to sun-tan in the nude. This is not a very practical solution because going nude is not acceptable to many. In some societies, nudism is a cognizable offence. So, this can be a solution only for a limited people in liberal societies. The second solution is to use tanning beds. This is neither useful nor viable considering the factors of cost and health hazard.

However, the recent innovation of tan through bathing suits has come as an effective solution to the problem. These suits are made of material that allows sunlight to pass through and tan your skin, even while protecting you from the hazardous ultraviolet rays. One incredible feature of this bathing suit is that it is not made of see-through material. Otherwise, you will have to stomach the embarrassment when you come out of water wearing a see through garment, vividly showing the areas that you want to hide.

These bathing suits are produced in a wide range of designs and colors, applying highly attractive Italian trends. With its ability to guarantee uniform tanning all over the body, saving you the embarrassment of tan lines, these miracle bathing suits have become instant hit and the darling piece of clothing.

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