Tighten Pores in the Comfort of your Home

You can now tighten pores even when you’re at home and finally say goodbye to large, open pores that constantly bog your confidence and self-esteem down. Many of the stuff you have hidden in your own kitchen can actually be used to tighten those large pores on your face. Whether you have it because of your habits, genes, or age, you can always do something about it to minimize it and eventually reduce it and give you smooth and flawless skin.

First, you want to cleanse your pores first. What you have to do is get them to open so that you can effectively remove the dirt inside it causing it to turn into blackheads and form into pimples. All you need is to steam your face. You can either stay in the bathroom while hot water is running or place your face just above a bowl of steaming water. An effective pore cleanser is tomatoes. You can mash them and rub and them all over your face. If you find that your skin gets irritated with tomatoes, you can mash grapes instead and rub this on your face.

You probably haven’t thought about it but eggs can do miracles to tighten pores and refine them. Make a mask using egg whites and add some alum which you can purchase at a drug store. Leave this on your face for about fifteen to twenty minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Another mask alternative if you find yourself allergic to egg whites is the use of cucumber and yogurt. You have to puree these ingredients in a blender and apply to your skin again leaving it on for fifteen to twenty minutes and rinsing with lukewarm water. The amino acids found in egg whites and cucumber can effective tighten your pores. You can always eat healthy to avoid opening up your pores or you can always put these healthy foods on your skin to tighten pores and give you smooth, glowing skin.

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