Steps to Make Perfect Eyebrows

If you have a beautifully made up face but without the perfect eyebrows then it’s time to get back in front of the mirror. Your eyebrows are one of your facial features that you shouldn’t miss grooming. A perfectly groomed brow can enhance the overall look of your face. Grooming your eyebrows doesn’t have to be hard. With these few simple tips, you will be showing off a perfectly trimmed eyebrow in an instant.

For starters, you should know what brow shape is suitable for your face. Faces with an oval shape will work with any brow shape, especially curved eyebrows. Women with round faces need eyebrows that have some edge and sharpness and so they should settle for arched brows. Faces that are square or rectangular in shape need round eyebrows to tone down their hard-edged facial structure.

Next, you need to pay attention to the measurements of your eyebrows. Perfect eyebrows follow the right distance between and in their length. Your eyebrows should be vertically in line with your nose. This is the point where your eyebrows should start and will avoid giving you the appearance of connected brows.

It is then time to begin plucking. The best plucking tool are tweezers that can grip your eyebrow hair well. Generally, tweezers that has a slanted or pointed tip will work best. If you do not want plucking to hurt, you can moisturize your brows before proceeding. However, if you’re using tweezers, you would have more accurate results if you pluck your brows while they are dry.

In plucking your brows, the general rule to observe is to never pluck above the brow line because this can distort the natural shape of your brows. Perhaps the only exception to plucking above the brow lines is when you already have stray hairs growing in that area. You should use the top of your brow as a guide to shaping your brows at the bottom. Remember, that when plucking you should do so moving towards your ears because this is the direction your eyebrow hairs grow. Don’t be too excited and remove only a little at a time. You can always check your work if it’s enough or still lacking then that’s the time you should pluck some more. Learn this simple tips and owning perfect eyebrows won’t have to cost you a single penny.

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