Sculpt Your Face with these Blushing Tips

Enhance the beauty of your face by following a few, simple blushing tips. Blush is the last makeup you should apply to your face. You’d be better off not forgetting to apply this miracle makeup because it can change your face for the better that is if you know how to apply it correctly. The advantages of using blush on your face are that it gives you a fresh look and it enhances your facial structure at the same time. It can even hide some flaws that you don’t want people to see.

All blushing tips start out by telling you the correct stroke and placement of blush makeup. A general rule is to begin blushing on a spot just at the bottom of the nose and not too far from the middle of your face. You should also avoid blushing too close to the eye because it will give you the impression that your eyes are swollen. The right angle in blushing is to stroke the blusher upwards towards the top portion of your ears. The color of the blush should look natural as your skin tone and should fade away as it reaches the edge.

Those are only the general rules and are pretty much applicable to any woman. However, your varied and individual needs should also be taken note of, starting with your face shape. How you apply blush will differ depending on the face of your shape. For faces that are narrow and long, you need a blushing technique that will give your face more width. You can accomplish this by keeping the angle on a horizontal level and applying color at the outer third portion of your cheeks. If, on the other hand, your face is wide, round, or square, you need to observe a blushing technique that will add length instead of width to your face. In this case, you should begin blushing at the center of your face but not nearing the nose too much. Observe these blushing tips and your beautiful face will be remembered wherever you go.

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