Get Rid of Dark Circles under the Eyes at Home

It can be very frustrating to have dark circles under the eyes. Even if you put on make-up to conceal it, when you get home, wash the make-up off and face the mirror, the problem is still there. There are many reasons as to why some, if not most people, suffer from getting these dark under eye circles. There are medical reasons and dermatological reasons as well. Where you are medically concerned, your dark circles are probably caused by allergies, nasal congestion, and iron deficiency. Dark under eye circles can also be a result of ill health from any kind of disease or medical condition.

Dermatological reasons can include having fair skin or having inherited facial features. If you are fair-skinned by nature, you are more prone to forming dark circles under the eyes. Individuals who have deep-set eyes also suffer from dark under eye circles more often. Just as there are many reasons for the appearance of these dark circles, there are also that much treatments to get rid of them. Depending on the cause, you can get rid of dark circles under your eyes even in the comforts of your own home, without having to spend much.

First choice is a change of lifestyle, especially if your habits are responsible for the dark circles appearing under your eyes. This means getting enough sleep and getting more nutrients by eating nutrient-rich foods or consuming multivitamins. Get away from stress by learning relaxation techniques such as yoga or de-stress by the use of acupressure which also helps improve your blood circulation, essential in getting rid of dark under eye circles. Home remedies for ridding yourself of dark circles include the use of many common kitchen products such as potatoes, cucumber, lemon, mint leaves and the like. All these have different types of preparation but they all involve being placed on your eyes. Remember to evaluate the reason why you have dark circles under the eyes before deciding on a specific treatment or remedy.

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