Get Beautiful Skin with Acne Home Remedies

Getting rid of acne can be possible by simply stepping inside your kitchen to find acne home remedies. Home remedies for acne have been growing more popular because of the fact that you get to save and you don’t risk experiencing any nasty side-effects. Acne cures have been getting more and more expensive over the years but you don’t have to sacrifice your money if you can find natural remedies that have been known to cure acne.

One of the known acne home remedies is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial that can effectively kill P. acnes that is responsible for your acne flare-ups. Tea tree oil contains terpinen-4-ol which is responsible for giving it its antibacterial property. Simply apply this oil to your acne lesions for it to take effect. Another home remedy for acne includes the consumption of certain vitamins namely niacin, vitamin A, and vitamin E. You need to observe a certain amount of dosage when taking these vitamins for it to work and you are to take it for a month’s duration.

Orange has also been found to be an effective remedy for acne. Simply pound the peel of oranges with water and apply the resulting substance to your acne lesions. Similar to oranges, lemon can also work to cure acne. All you need is the juice of the lemon and apply it regularly to your acne lesions. It works by reducing your lesions over time. For those experiencing tough to cure acne lesions, these have been found to respond to garlic. What you need to do is to rub a piece of raw garlic on your face several times daily and it will help remove your pimples and your blackheads as well. These are but a few home remedies for acne. Get your confidence back up and use these acne home remedies for a better and newer you.

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