Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in India

Cosmetic surgery in India is becoming popular among other countries because of the low cost and expert doctors available in India. Cosmetic surgery procedures are used to correct disfigurements occurred during birth, injuries and other similar reasons. People who would like to look more beautiful than they are also consider going under knife. Previously, cosmetic surgery was considered as a vanity procedure for wealthy and high profile people. Nowadays, things are changing and people are considering cosmetic surgery to reduce age, lose weight, reduce abdominal fat, etc. Medical advancements and low cost procedures make it accessible for people of any social status.

Long back, cosmetic procedures are thought to be suitable for women who want to fight against aging. Today, it is not like that. Men also are concerned about their looks and undergoing cosmetic surgery. Men are doing nose jobs and tummy tucks to get a handsome look. Not only aged persons are doing plastic surgery, but also teenagers are using these procedures to become confident in their personality. The medical advancements in this industry decreased the occurrence of associated risks to a great extent, and also reduced the healing and recovery time for the surgical procedures. The most popular cosmetic surgeries are easy and simple, and the recovery time is short. Some of the cosmetic procedures done in India are:

Nose job: Nose job is the most popular procedure among the people of any age. This surgical procedure is a simple procedure that changes the shape and looks of your nose. Nose job or rhinoplasty do help to improve the facial appearance of the individual.

Liposuction: Liposuction is also a popular procedure to lose weight. People who are obese are opting for this procedure to lose their weight considerably by removing fat from the body parts. Liposuction procedure is normally performed in areas like abdomen, underarms and thighs.

Breast enlargement and reduction: Most women are concerned about the beauty of their breast. Hence, both for reduction and enlargement of their breasts, they opt for breast mammoplasty. Breast enlargement surgery is done by fixing silicone breast implants in the breast. Breast reduction surgery is performed to reduce the breast size, which is achieved by removing some tissues from the breast. Breast reduction surgery tightens the saggy skin of the breasts.

Wrinkle reduction or facelift surgery: This is done to reduce the wrinkles on your face. This procedure helps you to remove wrinkles from your face and makes the facial skin smooth and rigid. By undergoing this procedure, you will look younger than what you are.

Laser skin resurfacing: This procedure is used to remove imperfections from the skin such as stretch marks, scars, birthmarks, tattoos, and wrinkles. This procedure is also used to eliminate unwanted hair from the body.

Blepharoplasty: This is eyelid surgery performed to make the skin around eyelids rigid. This can be done along with other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Some of the hospitals in India where you can find experts in cosmetic surgery are Apollo Hospitals, SIPS Super speciality Hospital, Ashirwad Hospital, AntiClock- Age Reversal Clinic and Medispa, La Transformatione Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Centre, IMAGE Clinic, Enhance Clinic, and many more.

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